New Album - Vulnerable 

My new album, Vulnerable, has just been released.  A ten-year journey, this album is largely about my older brother's death, and how I've felt since.  It is available on Bandcamp, with streaming services to follow shortly.  

Next album 

The next album is really going to be special. I can’t wait to share it with you all, when it’s ready.

All I Lost Was You Part II - Released 

All I Lost Was You Part II has been released!  15 tracks, 50 minutes of original music written, performed and produced entirely by one person, spanning 10 years of development.  Pick it up from Bandcamp in all your preferred digital formats (MP3, WAV, FLAC)

All I Lost Was You Part II 

The second half of the industrial rock concept album All I Lost Was You is nearly complete.  This album will feature more than 14 original tracks that began production at the same time as Part I, continuing the style and theme and bringing the double album to its conclusion.  Pre-orders will begin soon.  Stay tuned.