I don't wanna go to bedSo I stay up every nightLost inside my headEvery time I close my eyesAll the thoughts attack at onceWhile the darkness holds me downI am wishing for the sleepTo save me from my selfI think of how I'll dieAnd there's nothing I can doI think of all the loveThat someday I will loseI wanna rip the armsOff the clocks that cut awayAt the skin of every man and childSoon as we see our first daysI'm tired of all these thoughtsWhen the sun has left me coldI'm tired of thinking while I'm youngOf how I will be oldAnd I always felt more safe Before I began to thinkCan I sleep tonightPeacefully pleaseLet me close my eyesAnd drift into a dreamTake me back in timeWhen this all came with easeYou've taken all my dayJust let me have my sleepAnd I always felt more safeBefore I began to think.