1. The Voiceless

This song is about the nightmarish, grotesque treatment of animals in our slaughterhouses. It is freely downloadable.  Please share it with friends and help raise awareness for those who have no voice.


I’m born into the place I’ll die,Never had a chance to fly,Barely get to spread my wings,Against the others waiting.
Pain resonates inside this cage,Bodies breaking every day,Pumped with toxins to sustain,The only life I know.
Every friend I have is dead,Torn apart and bleeding red,All my cries have gone unsaid,Lost in my deafening fear.
Is this what life’s supposed to be?Suffering until we leave,Wish I could just make them see,We feel just like they do.
I’m feeling lost as days go by, In this darkness there’s no time,Barely even seen the sun,Or felt the wind against my face.
Paralyzed in every place,As I hang from both my legs,Hear the sound of spinning blades,My only life is gone.