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Breaking Through (2005)

Throw Me Away

Michael Barnes


Like an autumn leaf ready to fall

I hold on with all my strength but its inevitable

I lose my support and down I descend

But out from nowhere you reach out your hand

Like a gift from above your presence is unreal

Like a white flag in the middle of a battlefield

You hold me tight, healing all my soars

I know you are everything and more


Every time I try to tell you what I feel the words fall apart

You can't be real

You're everything that I want, my sanctuary, my light

None of my words feel right


Your voice, sweeter than any song

In my arms you belong, honored to have you by my side

To guard you while you sleep

To hold you while you weep


But I forgot to say…


You tempt me

You tease me

You make me want to be with you

But it's just an illusion

One of your masks

You wear to confuse everyone that you choose

The Libra can't please the Pisces

You cripple me every time

You break my heart and my body dies

I want to just erase my memory of you


You manipulate my emotions

Toying with everything that is me and my feelings are shit in your eyes

To you my pain is always a surprise


Throw me away

You don't need me anymore


It's amazing that you can walk away from anything

Stop it all and go again

Lead a new life with no remorse

Forget those that cared with no report

Pouring salt in my open soars

You might as well just take a knife and stab it in my back

'Cause that's what you did mentally inside

And I just want to ask why but I stop myself

It's not worth the trouble, you'd probably only lie


How can you feel so good while I feel so bad?


Throw me away

You don’t need me anymore


Attention is all you seek

Your vision of love is bleak

Everyone is just a pawn in your game of chess that you control

If only you'd let me know

That you were only for show

Before I got attached then lost it all, adding to my endless sorrow


I gave you my world for you to spit on

Mourned for your fallen when it was all a lie

You told me you loved me just to keep me on the line

You're the greatest actress I've ever met


I put my life on hold for you

You saw me as a tool that you could use

Your lies were your method of abuse

Nothing you told me was ever true


Throw me away

You don't need me anymore


You take away

The darkness in my life

And bring forth heavenly light

I know I'll sleep tonight


                                                      © 2004 Michael Barnes