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Breaking Through (2005)

The Piscean Dream

Michael Barnes


Thinking like she'll be here right beside me

When I wake up from a long night's sleep

I know it's farfetched, but I still make it possible

In my mind, but it's all just a lie


I always hope for the best

Expectations always too high and never met

It's too easy to escape reality

When you're living the piscean dream


And it's no wonder why I get so hurt

Everytime I build a thought to gold from dirt

I can make her seem like a one-of-a-kind angel

When I don't even know her that well


I am my worst enemy

Never argued with someone as much as myself

When all the small things could lead to big things

It's hard to make choices without feeling a sting


But sometimes I just have to spring from the dream world

And realize what I have to do in this world