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All I Lost Was You (2011)

When The Sun Has Left Me Cold

Michael Barnes


I don't wanna go to bed
So I stay up every night
Lost inside my head
Every time I close my eyes

All the thoughts attack at once
While the darkness holds me down
I am wishing for the sleep
To save me from my self

I think of how I'll die
And there's nothing I can do
I think of all the love
That someday I will lose

I wanna rip the arms
Off the clocks that cut away
At the skin of every man and child
Soon as we see our first days

I'm tired of all these thoughts
When the sun has left me cold
I'm tired of thinking while I'm young
Of how I will be old

And I always felt more safe
Before I began to think

Can I sleep tonight
Peacefully please
Let me close my eyes
And drift into a dream

Take me back in time
When this all came with ease
You've taken all my day
Just let me have my sleep

And I always felt more safe
Before I began to think.